Social Media Hacker

We read about of social media hacks all the time, but what’s the point of it? When creating a profile on any social network, many people fail to consider the possible threats and security risks of personal as well as professional information you include on your profile.

The security advantage of
most online social networks is that only your “friends” or members of your network can see your complete profile. But we cannot ignore the fact that such personal or professional and all connected information is venerable & open to hackers with wrong intentions. Social media access can be prevented in many ways.

A hacker can create a free profile on a site like LinkedIn, designing his profile to match perfectly with the business interests of his target. If the target accepts the hacker as a connection, then the hacker suddenly has access to information on all of the target’s other connections. With all that
information, it’s possible to construct an elaborate identity theft scam. Apart from all these there can be important conversations, bank information, mobile numbers or photos at possible risks.

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